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Postby DenisF » Sat Sep 25, 2004 12:57 am

Finally, the moment to which you all have been waiting for, is here.

The new Mandrake site is up and running :)
This brand new spanking sexy site will feature;
  • Mandrake system news</li>
  • Flash step-by-step guides [polarhome-oriented, ofcourse]</li>
  • advanced guides, tips and tricks</li>
  • and *drums please* Polarhome Underground</li>
Now all of the above seem pretty self-explainatory, except Polarhome Underground ('PH.UNG' hereafter). i'll elaborate.

PH.UNG has been started mainly to combine a mandrake-user forum, and what used to be :: forums.
But then after talking to a couple of polarhome users, iv'e decided to make this 'a second home' [and more] for all polarhome users.

In plain English, You can talk about this, that, post how much of an idiot person X/Y/Z is, post pics of your ass, say the F word, whatever!
The only rule is to have respect to other people.

In any case, Hope to see all of you on my 'ever so great' site, and i hope you enjoy it :)

Link: <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

Best Regards,
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