sbnc webifc on fedora r13

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sbnc webifc on fedora r13

Postby m0nde_redhat » Thu Aug 05, 2010 4:01 am


after the current update to fedora 13, my web control panel for by shroudbnc bouncer has stopped working.

i am able to login and the script authenticates me, but just returns me to the login screen instead of progressing to the actual control panel.

i have made sure that the port i've assigned for the control panel is available and that the tcl and php configurations are set up correctly. in fact, i simply copied these files, back to their appropriate locations from a backup since i understand that when a kernel update is applied, the restored version of files in the account may not be current.

i'm just wondering if some setting has changed in php since the last update that isn't allowing me to connect.
i, just now, uploaded a php file with phpinfo() in the body to see what settings are on, but i can't seem to access any php file in my public_html folder at all now.
i can still access html files, but even cgi doesn't seem to work.

- sid
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