terribly slow response times [solved]

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terribly slow response times [solved]

Postby matdoya » Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:51 pm

Hey everyone,

I took an account here to do some web development and used redhat as server

now, I tried to connect with the 'ubuntu graphical mount' (I don't know how it is called exactly, it shows remote directories as if they were local in the gnome file manager (underlying is the sftp protocol, not X forwarding)) and just creating/renaming a file takes a terrible amount of time.

ok, no biggy, I can copy the stuff manually with scp and that will probably work, but there is an other problem that bothers my a bit more:

I tried to access phpmyadmin and when I look up my databases it just keeps loading without ever getting anywhere...

are there other people that develop php pages on redhat and don't have these kind of troubles?

I logged in via ssh to see why everything is so slow and the respective action I was currently doing was hogging up the cpu:
ie when I connected via sftp the sftp deamon was using about 80% and when I was waiting for phpmyadmin to give some usefull info the mysqld was using about the same amount of cpu

any hints?


edit: phpmyadmin seems to be working (slow) so the biggest problem is solved, however yet another one has emerged (see other post)
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